Story-specific timeline display

Story Events feature enables complex timelines

  • Jul 30, 2021
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Previously, we have used timelines on the site at the Storyspace level. They appear under a tab on the Storyspace home and also on the Story Portfolio page. Now, we are introducing a new content type—Story Events—that enables much more detailed custom timelines connected to specific family stories.

Besides title, image and description, events also have a date or date range and a location identified by geographical coordinates. On the story page, story events are displayed both in a timeline view and map view.  

See it in action on The Herbert Stetson family and Escape from Berlin pages. As an added bonus, story events are also displayed on the person page for people linked to the events. See this Person page as an example.

Beginning today, any Storyspace author can create Story Event nodes and display them on the appropriate story and person pages.