Identify your Great Eight (or as many as you can)

  • Oct 02, 2020
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One of the first things you will do when you set up a new blog on Family History Machine is to name your eight great-grandparents and the family branch they come from. 

Many people won't know all eight. That's fine. Name those that you do know and the other ones can be questions for research and fodder for your journal. 

Family Branch is one of the key classifications that is used on FHM to sort your journal posts by topic. So if you have a family branch Johnstone, all of your Johnstone entries will appear together on a Johnstone branch page. 

In the terminology of the FHM system, Family Branch is called a taxonomy. Later we will introduce several other taxonomies that your can use in building your family stories. 

To add a new Family Branch name, add a term to the Family Branch taxonomy. What we call the Great Eight are your primary family branches, the families of each of your eight great-grandparents. 

You can enter any number of other branches as well. There is a check box to identify if it is a Great Eight or not. 

Now enter other data about the branch. Enter the name of your great-grandparent who represents the branch. Provide a photo if you have one. Enter the name of the town where the branch originated. Enter the names of any related family branches. 

That's it. Your site will be set up with Family Branch pages for as many branches as you entered. Now, when you begin to write journal entries, you can classify each one according to the branch or branches that are referenced.