Begin with the backstory

  • Oct 02, 2020
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There may be some writers who write from the top down. They start with the story and then fill in the characters and locations as needed. 

Most serious novelists and scriptwriters develop extensive backstories for their characters, material that enriches but is not directly used in the finished narrative.

In historical narrative, the need for factual realism puts even greater importance on the writing of back story. At Family History Machine, we contend that developing back story is the first step in a story development process. 

At Family History Machine, a Backstory is your genealogist's journal. It is where you enter commentary about the people and places that will fill your narratives. It is where you record your findings and discoveries as you research your family. 

It is a journal or a blog, but we call it a Backstory.

Log on to Family History Machine, and start writing your Backstory today.