About Family History Machine

Family History Machine is a content management system designed especially for use by genealogists and family historians to integrate family story presentation into the genealogy discovery process. It is a story-creation engine for serious researchers who want to elaborate their ideas and create compelling narratives.

We begin with two principles.

Stories are short. A tapestry of short stories is better than one long one. Start with a brainstorm session and make a list of 20 stories about your family and ancestors.

Stories are true. This is not the place for myth-making and legend. At FHM, stories are based on facts and evidence discovered and documented in the course of research.

Each user manages an individual Storyspace. It is their home base for creation and management of research notes, story metadata and script development. Their best stories will be produced as finished Storyboard presentations, suitable for sharing on social media.

Family History Machine is in a beta test period in the current release. Interested users are invited to apply to FHM’s chief Poobah, Machinist, to participate as a test user. We’ll select a limited number of users we will support in using the tools to develop and present their own content.

Everyone is invited to sign up on the site for full user access to site features. We will be blogging actively on our Telling Family Stories blog. Follow that feed for regular updates on the craft of narration, and about using the FHM system.

Also, register for our email list for system updates and blog reports. Follow on Twitter @Family–machine.

Family History Machine — Where Stories Are Made.